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My Storry In Short Form
Written on June 16th, 2019
My name is Viktor Pulpan and I began with natural bodybuilding in October 2012. I was overweight (234 Ibs and 45% body fat) and wanted to lose body fat. I did diets, but I wanted also to gain muscle so I switched always between diet and bulking. In 2014 I suddenly made a decision to lose "all" my bodyfat. So I lost 53 Ibs! I did so many mistakes so I lost also muscle mass and was really skinny.
After that, I build 11 Ibs of muscle mass and a lot of fat. But I lost everything (53 Ibs again) because of two bowel surgeries. I had bad luck. This abscess nearly killed me! After one year of rehabilitation and a plica surgery on my knee, I was allowed to train again.
I found the best coach for me who is a professional natural bodybuilder and he taught me everything he knows about training and nutrition. His over 9 years of experience, research and scientific knowledge lend me to my new me: 12% body fat and more muscle than ever in my life.
I learned what I did wrong in my past about training and nutrition and reed every day more about scientific studies and books like my coach to get always better knowledge so we can make better results!
I want to share this knowledge I gained from my coach and my own experience of over 4 years of natural bodybuilding.
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